About Us

Maudlin Merchandise was born out of the desire to create quality merchandise at affordable prices.

Our story began in 2006 with the purchase of a badge-making machine and the creation of a small clothing brand to help fund the founder's university studies. Being closely connected to the portuguese music scene, he saw the natural target audience in this sector. It didn't take long to start receiving requests to create custom t-shirts for friends' bands and later, for various clothing brands. This made him realize the existence of a market niche that deserved to be explored with services designed specifically for its needs.

Thus, the idea of a textile printing company with different products and services emerged, targeting those seeking quality and an extra touch in customization to distinguish their products from others. Currently, we handle all the printing work for individual and business clients, offering an incredible range of options, with the entire production process being done in-house.

About Us

Mission & Vision

Maudlin Merchandise was created with the aim of delivering quality merchandise at balanced prices to all our clients. It is our purpose to be as environmentally efficient as possible, while not neglecting the quality of the items we produce, thus achieving an excellent quality/price ratio in everything we do.

We seek to elevate the quality of what we produce through the best clothing brands on the market, paired with quality decoration so that our clients can obtain the best product in the market.

Maudlin Merchandise aims to be a market leader in Portugal within 10 years and to have a significant presence in Europe in the next 20 years.

This path will be paved through high-quality digital marketing that sets us apart from other companies in the market. There is no substitute for the word-of-mouth that customer satisfaction provides, and this is our top priority.

We can only become market leaders if our service is the best, both in production quality and in after-sales support.

Mission & Vision


We are a textile printing company that produces quality merchandise with your images.
We have an experienced team and invest in the latest technology to provide our services with the best quality.
We have in-house production capacity for thousands of personalized pieces every day in screen printing, DTF, direct to garment, and embroidery.


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