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How to achieve better results in embroidered caps?

Not all caps are the same, and not all cap brands are ideal for embroidery. We sell caps from various brands, but Kariban and Atlantis are the brands where we feel we can consistently achieve the best embroidery.


There are some important points to consider when embroidering a cap:

  • Cap Quality: Generally, more economical caps tend to be thinner. The general rule is that the thinner the item we embroider on, the lower the quality of the embroidery. This rule is even more true for caps. Due to their rounded shape, it's important for caps to have some stiffness; otherwise, they will constantly "dance" in the hoop, and the embroidered image will lose its shape. This rule is especially crucial for jobs that involve details.


  • Embroidery Area: Embroideries are small items by nature. In reality, it's not feasible to embroider with more than 4 or 5 cm in height on a cap due to its rounded shape. If you have an image predominantly in the vertical, we recommend 6-panel caps. If your image is horizontal, a 5-panel cap will be a better option. Why? 6-panel caps are typically taller. If we want a vertical image, it's important that it is precisely taller to gain a few more millimeters of embroidery. However, to create the sixth panel, these caps always have a seam in the center. Embroidering over this seam is extremely difficult. With an image or text with some detail, it's expected that there will be a drop in quality in this area. That's why we recommend - whenever possible - embroidering on 5-panel caps. They are shorter, ideal for horizontal images, but you will gain a lot in embroidery quality.

For a more comprehensive and visual explanation, be sure to check the video listed above. We explain and demonstrate these concepts and others to help you achieve better results in embroidered caps.



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