What is the recommended printing method for me?

We offer a range of customization options, but not all are suitable for the same jobs, with better and worse solutions depending on what you want to produce and the quantity of items you intend to produce.

Direct printing is fantastic for images with many colors. We are mainly talking about illustrations, photo reproduction, or simply detailed work that requires good quality and durability. In fact, it's a bit difficult to name all the cases where direct printing is useful since it can be used in almost all cases, as long as it's on 100% cotton clothing. It's a truly fantastic printing method.

Now, when to use screen printing. This is really one of those myths that has persisted over time. People usually think, "If I want a high-quality t-shirt, it has to be screen printed." Wrong! Well, kind of. Yes, screen printing is high quality, but it's not the only method with quality, and not all custom clothing productions can be done in screen printing.

In reality, screen printing has relatively specific cases in which it can be used.

  • The print colors must be solid (without shadows, they cannot be photographs);
  • It must have a maximum of 6 colors (screen printing is taxed per color);
  • Medium and high print quantities (it cannot be done for a sample or test t-shirt)

DTF is an all-around method. Yes, it can be used in essentially all productions. It can be done on cotton or polyester items and on easy or difficult-to-customize pieces. There are practically no limits to what DTF can do, which is why it's the customization method that has grown the most in recent years. Ideally, it will be used in productions of small quantities since, being digital printing, its cost doesn't decrease considerably with the increase in the number of pieces.



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