Why should I work with Maudlin?

Why should I work with Maudlin?

At Maudlin Merchandise, we work every day to be a better company. We aim to be a printing service where our customers can confidently produce all their textile printing projects.


    We strive to stay updated on techniques and equipment. That's why you'll find us at numerous international fairs, constantly exploring and testing new machinery. All our machines are state-of-the-art automatic, allowing us to work faster and with higher quality, reducing the likelihood of human error during the printing process. Currently, our error rate is at 0.55%, and with recently introduced standards, it is rapidly decreasing in an industry that considers up to a 3% error rate as standard. The numbers speak for themselves.


    Being a company working since 2006 in customizing clothing and growing sustainably every year means we have a highly experienced team personalizing our customers' clothing.


    We always strive to do something new, something special that no other company has done yet. We were among the first to invest in direct printing in Portugal; you won't find anyone offering printed labels as efficiently as ours. We were the first company in Portugal to work with DTF, supporting and developing this technique with our partners. Every day, we seek to develop new services and products to present to our customers, evident in the evolution even in decades-old techniques like flex/vinyl through our special effects.


    What sets us apart from other companies is the closeness we have with our customers. We make a superhuman effort to respond to all emails within the first 24 hours and are available for contact in various ways. You can reach us by email, phone, Instagram, Whatsapp, and finally, through the online chat on all pages of our websites.


    We believe an informed customer is a satisfied customer! Have you seen our blog? Have you seen the hundreds of articles and resources we provide for free? There is no other printing service in Portugal that invests as much in its customers as we do. We also have hundreds of videos on our Youtube channel, something no other textile printing service in Europe has. All this information allows our customers to be more informed, know what they are buying, and from whom they are buying.


    Ecology and "green" thinking define us, both in large and small details. We have an internal plan that we adhere to in order to make Maudlin Merchandise one of the most ecological printing services in Portugal.

    We switched all our bulbs to LEDs, reducing lighting energy consumption by 3/4, and applied motion sensors where possible. All the electricity consumed in our facilities is from renewable sources, partially generated through our own photovoltaic panels, a system that allows us to decrease the emission of dozens of tons of CO2/year into the atmosphere.

    The detergents we use in our daily practice do not contain harmful chemicals for the health of our employees or the environment, and we recycle all the water used in the washing of screen printing frames to ensure we do not put anything harmful into the planet.

    Over 80% of the waste we generate is recycled, and our goal is to increase the rate to 90% soon, through a combination of waste reduction and an increase in recyclable items.

    With all this, we can say that we are not just another company; we are indeed the benchmark printing service in Portugal.



We are a textile printing company that produces quality merchandise with your images.
We have an experienced team and invest in the latest technology to provide our services with the best quality.
We have in-house production capacity for thousands of personalized pieces every day in screen printing, DTF, direct to garment, and embroidery.


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