Custom Polo Shirts

Discover a sample of the work we have been producing in custom polo shirts over the years

Polo shirts are an extremely versatile item. They can be customized through screen printing and DTF, but where you'll most often find them is in our custom embroidery department. This item is made for embroidery, and that's where you'll get the most out of its features.

We work with cotton polo shirts for casual wear, polyester polo shirts for sports use, and cotton-polyester blend polo shirts for work uniforms.

  • DTF (Direct to Film) technology revolutionizes the decoration of polo shirts, using heat-transfer films that are printed and directly transferred onto the fabric. With high-quality reproduction, precise details, and durability, DTF ensures that each polo shirt is unique and resistant.
  • Embroidery, classic and refined, adds a tactile dimension to polo shirts. Skillfully stitched threads on the fabric provide an elegant and timeless aesthetic, ideal for those seeking a touch of distinction.
  • Screen printing, a traditional and effective method, stands out for its durability and the ability to reproduce sharp details. Ideal for large-scale productions, screen printing offers a variety of possibilities for simple or intricate designs on polo shirts.


We are a textile printing company that produces quality merchandise with your images.
We have an experienced team and invest in the latest technology to provide our services with the best quality.
We have in-house production capacity for thousands of personalized pieces every day in screen printing, DTF, direct to garment, and embroidery.


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