Clothing Packaging

Clothing Packaging

Attention to detail is the key to providing a unique experience for customers. With our individual packaging service, each piece of clothing is skillfully folded and carefully placed in transparent bags, offering not only convenience but also impeccable presentation.

Individual packaging is not just a matter of organization but also an effective strategy to highlight your brand. Each packaged piece becomes a small masterpiece, ready to impress your customers. Whether for sale in physical stores or online, transparent packaging allows the product details to shine, conveying professionalism and care.

Furthermore, the practicality of individual packaging makes inventory management easier and improves efficiency in handling the pieces. Each item is individually protected, ensuring it reaches the recipient in perfect condition.

  • No minimum production quantity
  • Adds €0.50 to the production cost
  • Adds 48 hours to the order processing time
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Recyclable Bags

Recyclable Bags

We are deeply committed to the environment. That's why the transparent bags we use to pack your clothes are 100% recyclable.
Additional cost: included

Size Labels

Size Labels

We have the capacity and possibility to add self-adhesive labels to the outside of the bags with the size of the garment.
Additional cost: +0.10€

Available Measures

Available Measures

Our bags are available in a variety of sizes. Whether you need packaging for children or adults, we have bags to suit your needs.
Additional cost: included

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