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Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches

Whether for promoting your brand, identifying sports teams, or adding a unique touch to your clothing, embroidered emblems are the ideal choice. We elevate textile customization to a new level, turning simple pieces into masterpieces.

In addition to sew-on embroidered emblems, we also offer the option of iron-on emblems, a versatile solution that combines style and practicality. With the application of heat, these emblems adhere easily to fabrics, providing a secure and long-lasting attachment.

Beyond practicality, iron-on emblems maintain the same visual quality as sew-on emblems. The colors remain vibrant, the details sharp, and durability is ensured even after multiple washes.

A perfect solution for brands and companies looking to buy in quantity to reduce the unit cost, as it allows them to apply emblems to clothing according to their needs.

  • Minimum production of 12 emblems Adds
  • 48 hours to your order's delivery time
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Sew-on Emblems

Sew-on Emblems

Any emblem can be sewn on. We can create emblems with a border to conceal the stitching or emblems without finishing, allowing you to sew them on as you prefer. Apply these emblems to all kinds of items.

Iron-on Emblems

Iron-on Emblems

The advantage of iron-on emblems is the ease of application. These emblems are ideal for those looking for a quick and aesthetic solution. Position the emblem, apply heat, and your piece is customized.

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